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Maximise Airbnb Rental Returns

Airbnb hosting has allowed people across the globe a simple, user-friendly way to share their properties with hopeful travellers and earn an income at the same time. Given this, it’s no wonder that property owners have been so receptive to this business model, with Airbnbs now available across 191 countries, with over 180,000 listings in Australia alone.

With that said, there’s more to Airbnb hosting than simply creating a desirable listing. Cozy Hosting is an Airbnb management service in Melbourne dedicated to creating a better experience for hosts whilst also ensuring the comfort of their guests. So, to help you navigate the world of short-stay rentals, let’s take a look at a few ways to make Airbnb hosting easier.

Create a List of Maintenance Services

Many Airbnb properties will have a considerable number of guests coming and going on a regular basis. While this is definitely a positive, it also leads to quite a bit of housekeeping and maintenance, which can be a headache to deal with if you aren’t adequately prepared.

This is where a service list comes in handy. Whether it’s appliances that need to be fixed or plumbing issues that require attention before guests arrive, having a list of each service you may need will take a lot of the time and guesswork out of maintaining your property and keeping guests happy. Airbnb hosting means being prepared for those “what if” moments, and by having all of your important services in one place, this process becomes significantly more manageable.

Housekeeping Services are a Lifesaver

One of the most difficult tasks of Airbnb hosting, as with any short-stay rental, is the constant upkeep that comes with having so many guests. After all, you’re never sure what a guest is going to pick up on, and you don’t want to start getting low ratings just because you didn’t get the chance to dust and tidy a room between bookings.

A housekeeping service takes the stress and hard work out of maintaining a spotless home or apartment. This allows you to rest easy knowing that your guests are being provided with a flawless stay. While some Airbnb hosts tend to shy away from the extra expense of housekeeping, the time and stress you avoid definitely make these services worth the investment.

Give Your Guests a Guide to the Property

We all get so used to our homes that it can be difficult to imagine what they’re like for people who are staying there for the first time. Naturally, this can lead to Airbnb hosts receiving dozens of confused messages from guests who are unsure how to turn on the heating, or even where the light switches are.

This is why creating an explanatory guide to your property is such a good idea. By identifying parts of your property that may cause confusion, you can write a quick explainer for patrons that can clear up any confusion they may experience. This is also a good chance to break down any quirks or issues with the property that guests may come across during their stay. Being transparent with things like this goes a long way to managing expectations, and will ensure a stress-free stay for both the guests and the landlord.

Be Considerate to Neighbours

While your guests may come and go, your neighbours will be the ones that have to stick around and deal with things. Whether it’s loud music blaring in the middle of the night or large amounts of mess strewn around the area, having neighbours that feel inconvenienced by your guests can make Airbnb hosting significantly less pleasant, and that’s if they don’t call the authorities.

When giving guests a rundown of your property, make sure to include any rules and stipulations that may be required to keep the people around you happy. After all, you don’t want to have to deal with the fallout if an angry neighbour decides to confront your guests about their behaviour.

Work With an Airbnb Management Service

Airbnb hosting takes a considerable amount of time, dedication, and paperwork, which can lead to it feeling like a full-time job when you’re taking it on alone. Thankfully, you don’t have to. At Cozy Hosting, we take care of the Airbnb process from start to finish, including everything from professional photography to maintenance and guest communication. Working with an Airbnb property management service will also help you to maximise your ROI and optimise your space for Airbnb guests. To learn more, contact Cozy Hosting today, and see what we can bring to your short-term rental experience.

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