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1. Why choosing Cozy Hosting?

Cozy Hosting is a professional short-term rental property management company. The core objective of our service is to solve complex property management issues on behalf of our clients and help them significantly increase property rental income.

Cozy Hosting provide 24/7 customer service and support for guests, and all-day price adjustment supervision system. Your property will be listed on more than 40 platforms to maximise the reach of your home and attract more guests, including (but not limited to) Airbnb, Booking.com, TripAdvisor, Expedia, Agoda and hotel.com.

2. How do you protect my property from damages caused by guests?

• The property manager will conduct tenant screening based on their previous booking record and residence review by the host before accepting their booking, and identification check is required.
• Cleaner staff have layouts for each property and they will check all contents in the property when doing check-out cleaning. Any missing or broken contents will be reported to the property manager immediately who will later claim from the guests through the third-party platform.
• We also highly suggest the landlord to secure adequate short-term rental insurance. Cozy Hosting can purchase the short-term rental insurance on behalf of the owner or you can select your owner insurance provider for your individual needs.

3. How can I know my rental situation?

You will be provided with monthly report by the 5th to 10th business day of each month except holidays and/or an owner's portal (optional) which can be used to monitor the occupancy rate and rental earnings of your property in real time.

4. How will I receive my monthly rent?

The monthly rental statement will be sent to your email address and your rental earnings will be paid via bank transfer to your nominated bank account by the 5th to 10th business day of each month except holidays.

5. Do I need to prepare any furniture or linen in my home to host?

Cozy Hosting offers furniture packages to our landlords. Our professional and experienced design team provides personalized decoration design based on different property conditions. We will take charge of the furniture design, delivery, installation, initial cleaning and professional photograph. These will be all included in the furniture package and the whole process takes at most 10 business days.

6. Does Cozy Hosting provide online management service only?

Yes, we provide an online listing management option for the owner. Please find the details in pricing page: pricing page link

7. Does Cozy Hosting manage shared room?

No, Cozy Hosting only offer the short-stay management for the entire property. You can leave your personal belongs in the property or lock one room for storage, but the tenants or the owner have to vacate the property and make sure no one occupy any room of the property.

8. How do I pay the service charges?

Service charges will be automatically deducted from your gross rental income, which will be clearly addressed in your monthly rental statement.

9. Do I need to connect all the utilities and who will cover the utility cost?

Cozy Hosting can help the owner to connect all the utilities but the owner is required to pay the utility bills.

10. Should I declare the rental income for tax purpose and is the Cozy Hosting Service tax deductible?

Cozy Hosting suggest the owner to declare their rental earnings and all the management service fee is deductible on your tax return.

11. Will I receive annual financial report?

Yes, Cozy Hosting provide free annual financial report for all landlords.

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